HHLGA Bylaws


SECTION I: Membership in the Harpeth Hills Ladies Golf Association (HHLGA) is open to any woman interested in joining HHLGA. She should contact the HHLGA Membership Chair and/ or Harpeth Hills Golf Course to obtain an HHLGA membership form. Members of HHLGA will be available to play golf with the new member and answer questions prior to her joining if she desires.

SECTION II: The Board of Directors shall be vested with the power of suspension and expulsion of members for conduct on the golf premises detrimental to the good order, welfare or reputation of this Association. Upon the first infraction, the Board of Directors will warn the member in writing, at which time the member may request an appeal to present evidence in her behalf. The second infraction will bring the matter before the membership for a vote. Suspension or expulsion will require adoption by a ballot vote. Adoption requires a two-thirds vote of those present and voting, provided a majority of the active membership is present.

SECTION III: Lifetime members will have membership dues waived but will pay the appropriate GHIN fees. They are nominated by the Board, must be a member for 5 years, have provided active service to the league, and be 65 years or older. No specific numbers of play days are required.


SECTION I: The Board of Directors shall administer the affairs of this Association. The President or Vice President may call meetings of the Board.

SECTION II: A majority of the Board must be present to constitute a quorum.

SECTION III: The Board shall fill vacancies in elected offices by a majority vote from a list of candidates submitted by the nominating committee or nominated from the floor. In case of a plurality vote, the candidate with the lowest vote will be dropped and a run off vote among the remaining candidates obtained. The process will be repeated as necessary until a majority vote is attained.

SECTION IV: The Board shall have the power to call special meetings of the Association. Ten days written notice will be required to call a special meeting.


SECTION I: The nominating committee shall present a slate of officers to the membership for approval at the annual fall meeting. If additional nominations are made from the floor, election shall then be held by ballot. Officers shall assume office upon election and continue in office for one year, or until a successor has been elected.

SECTION II: No member shall hold the same office for more than two successive years.

SECTION III: The President shall preside at all meetings (Board of Directors, General and Annual). She shall name committee chairs and confer with them in the formation of their committees. She shall act as an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. She shall name the chair for any special duties that may arise and perform duties inherent to the office of President.

SECTION IV: The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President perform the duties of the President, arrange for the publication of the yearbook and exercise duties proscribed by the constitution and bylaws.

SECTION V: The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings of the association and assume responsibility for all papers and correspondence. The Secretary will preside in the absence of the President and Vice President until the Board elects a chair pro tempore.

SECTION VI: The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds and accurately record all transactions. She shall prepare written financial statements as requested by the Association for any meeting (Board, regular or called). The Treasurer shall keep an accurate roll of members, together with their Association standing in regard to dues and fees. All funds shall be deposited in the name of the Association and all disbursements ordered by the Board. She shall perform other duties inherent to this office. A minimum balance of $150.00 shall be maintained in the treasury at the end of each year.



1. TOURNAMENT: Shall arrange all tournaments and post on the bulletin board any special rules governing that tournament. Club championship tournament play will be determined by the Tournament committee and will have qualifying rounds. The USGA rules of golf shall be followed except where modified by local rules. The committee shall determine the number of awards to be given for any tournament.

2. RULES: Has the duty to interpret rules and settle any questions regarding rules and regulations upon request.

3. HANDICAP: Shall establish and keep a current record of the handicap of each member according to the scores submitted and help members if necessary post weekly scores.

4. MEMBERSHIP: Shall bring in new members and upon acceptance, provide names to the Treasurer, keep a current list of members and dates of their play days. This committee shall maintain a list of prospective members and dates their names were submitted.

5. NOMINATING: Shall propose a slate of officers for the coming year to be voted on at the last annual meeting. Three members will constitute this committee. A meeting, one month prior to the final membership meeting will be necessary to propose the slate of officers.


1. SUNSHINE: Shall send a card to any member who is hospitalized, sick for an extended period of time, or has a death of a family member. The committee shall send a memorial in the event of death of a member, a spouse, a child, or a parent of a member.

2. HOSPITALITY: Shall be responsible for the location and food for the spring and fall meetings. Chair may select one or more members for her committee.

3. TELEPHONE: Shall be responsible for making necessary calls relative to the Association.

4. WEBMASTER: Assumes all responsibility for the development, setup, and maintenance of the league Website including writer/editor and graphic designer. Having the skills and knowledge of HTML and word processing applications are helpful but not necessary; but one must have a solid understanding of how Web pages and browsers interact.

5. BIRDIE: Shall be responsible for birdies records and awarding birdie, eagle, and hole-in-one pins.


SECTION I: Annual dues will be $40.00 for each member, which includes entrance fees for tournaments except for Shaver/Walls Match Play. Deadline for dues will be February 15. Dues for new members joining after June 30 shall be half of the annual dues and payable within two weeks of approval.

SECTION II: Tournament and play day fees shall be determined and established by the tournament committee, subject to Board approval.

SECTION III: Fees for members desiring GHIN services must be paid at the same time as annual dues.


SECTION I: There shall be at least two membership meetings each year. The election of officers shall occur at the last meeting. A majority of the membership present shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION II: Special meetings of the Board and membership shall be subject to the call of the President with ten days notice.

SECTION III: Play days shall be held one day each week during the golfing season.


Upon recommendation by the Board, the constitution and by-laws may be amended

at any annual or special meeting of the Association with ten days written notice by a two-thirds affirmative vote of those active members present and voting. A quorum shall consist of one-third of the active members. The bylaws may also be amended without notice by an affirmative majority vote of the entire membership.


The Parliamentary Authority of HHGLA shall be the 4th Edition of the Standard Code of Parlimentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis, revised and updated by the American Institute of Parliamentarians.