2022 Ringer Board

A Ringer board tournament is a competition based on your lowest score on each hole throughout the golf season. The winner is the player with the lowest combined 18-hole score. There will be two separate ringer pools, one for Gross and one for Net. Your $5.00 entry covers both pools. Participants can only win one pool. If an individual places 1st in both gross and net, they will be declared the Gross Winner and the person in 2nd place in the Net category will be declared the Net winner.

The season for ringer scores will be from April 7, 2022 until October 13, 2022.

The two winners will split the purse. Ties will be broken by the approved USGA Method of using the Back Nine score then the last six holes, last 3 holes, etc.

Submit Your Weekly Scores Here

Scores for a particular play day will be accepted from the day of play until noon on the Sunday immediately following the play day. Click on the date below to submit your scores:

September 22

If you have any issues submitting the form please contact Donna Banks by sending an EMAIL.

Check Out the Most Recent Results

Check out your standings on the leaderboards (thru 09/15/2022):

Currrent Leaders: Gross - Karin Rader

Net - Lezlie Murray

Gross Leaderboard Thru Sept 15.pdf
Net Leaderboard Thru Sept 15.pdf