Carol Glasgow Spirit Award

Starting in 2022, the Carol Glasgow Spirit Award is given to that member who best exhibits those traits that Carol demonstrated throughout her HHLGL membership (read note below). The nominee should be one who has been a hostess in the past, is friendly, encouraging, helpful and shows good sportsmanship.  Each year potential recipients will be nominated by the general membership and then the Board will vote on the person who will receive the award. In any given year, if none of the nominees adequately meet the requirements, the board may choose to not give the award.

Carol Glasgow

Throughout Carol's membership (beginning in 2001) she has served in several key roles in the organization.  She served as President, Handicap Chair, was a hostess (usually Lead hostess) every year since joining the league, served on several committees, and was in charge of many of our luncheons.  Carol went out of her way to make everyone feel welcome, taking several players under her wing when they first joined. She was a competitive golfer, but still encouraged other players during and after play.  She donated a lot of water, goodie bag items and luncheon decorations through out the years.  And if you know Carol, you know she loves Halloween and organized that play date for many years.  She was also the one to start the Shaver-Walls Match Play tournament and chaired that event for many years.  In 2013, she was awarded the Life Time Membership Award.  This league means the world to Carol and she has always treated it like it was her second family.