Duties of the Hostess

Preparing for Play Day

It is the responsibility of the hostesses to pair the groups for each play day for which they are in charge. Using the names from the sign up sheet, pairings should be made randomly or by handicap, as the game of the day requires. Hostesses should go out as the first group in the shotgun start.

Email a copy of the foursomes to Kevin Forte (kevin.forte@nashville.gov) and Andie Beatty (aabeatty@comcast.net ) late Monday afternoon or no later than Tuesday morning.

Email the foursomes to the league through Peggy White (plwhite1031@gmail.com). Your choice on how soon, but no later than Tuesday afternoon.

Notify the Pro Shop of any changes to the pairings as soon as possible. Do not wait until you get there on Thursday mornings.

Kim Mathers will email the lead hostess the Course Handicap sheet on Wednesday evening. Be sure to print the sheet and bring it on Thursday.

Play Day Duties

Arrive early!! Hostess should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the shotgun start to have the sign-in area set up before the members begin arriving.

Put out the sign-in sheet, the course handicap sheet, the sheet showing tee times, the Game-of-the-Day sign and the boxes for collecting Chip-Ins and Closest-to-the- Pin monies. All the forms needed for play day will be stored in locker #9.

Be sure the first group takes out the Closest-to-the-Pin markers and remind the final group to bring them in so the award can be made.

Determine Play Day Winners

Review the players’ scorecards for completeness and accuracy as they are submitted. Provide assistance as needed in

calculating game of the day and their adjusted gross scores. Verify that the scores on the play day sheet match the scores on the

scorecard. Tournament committee members are available to assist any time.

Using the play day sheet, award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place or 1st for team events as specified by the Tournament Committee on the monthly winner sheet (green sheet) in the folder.

Award prizes for Chip-ins. All the money collected is divided evenly among the winners for each Chip-In. Example: A player who gets three (3) chip-ins will get three (3) prizes. If there are no chip-ins to award, all the money goes into the HHLGA treasury.

Award prizes for Closest to the Pin. One half of the money collected will be split between the winners and the remaining half will go to the HHLGA treasury. If the Treasurer is not present, put the money in an envelope marked with the date and amount and put in the locker in the Chip-in Collection Box. If either or both holes do not have a winner, the money designated for that hole(s) should be given to the treasury.

Final Touches

Complete Play Day winner sheet and post on the bulletin board in the locker room. Place play day sheets and completed green monthly winner sheet in the play day folder and place in the top drawer of the locker #9. The membership chair will gather this information. Put collected scorecards in the gray box in the locker room.

Fold up the table and return it to the snack bar area when you are done.

Send the name of the game of the day winner(s) and closest-to-the-pin winner(s) to Beth DiMaggio (imaduffer@hotmail.com) so she can put them on the website. Also, please send an email to the league (plwhite1031@gmail.com) with the winners.