Duties of the Hostess

Preparing for Play Day 

On the Thursday or Friday PRIOR to a given play day, reach out to Kim Mathers (kimathers08@gmail.com) to obtain the list of people that have signed up for the play day.  Once you receive the information, send an email out through Peggy White (plwhite1031@gmail.com) reminding the ladies to sign up for the play day.  It is helpful if you include the list of who has already signed up (you can also include those who have said ‘no’ and/or have not responded).  Encourage them to use the link they received from Kim to sign-up or the confirmation email to change their response.  If someone reaches out to you via email and wants to be added in or to change their response, please let Kim know.


If you are made aware of a match being played, let Kim know (she will do the same).  All Shaver-Walls participants will be put in the back of the pairings.  Our preference is to put matches together in the same foursome where possible so that the same game will be played by all.  If someone requests to have a non-match play person play with them, it is up to you to decide. If you agree to the request, let Kim know before she does the pairings.  Be aware that it will generally mean you and/or your hostesses will have to stay later to determine winners for the play day.


You will need to let Kim know your preference for the tee time/beginning hole for each of your hostesses.  Have at least one of the hostesses go out with the first tee time and at least one go out on the first hole (1A) with the shotgun.  If there are more than 2 the others can go in between those two.


On Wednesday, you will receive a copy of the pairings, the handicaps for each of the ladies playing and an alphabetized list of the players with their starting holes.   Please review the pairings.  If there are major adjustments that need to be made, please let Kim know as soon as possible.  If someone cancels after the pairings have been sent, you will need to make the adjustments on the sheets.


Email the 12 ladies that have been assigned to the 3 early tee times as early as you possibly can once you receive the pairings Wednesday (this MUST be done before 6pm). You only need to send out 3 emails (one for each of the tee times).  Send the emails TO yourself and blind copy (bcc) the 4 ladies on their specific tee time.  Because these are going out so late, you may want to ask them to respond to you by a certain time when they receive the email and plan to follow up with a phone call if you have not received anything from them by that time. 


Please print out at least 3 copies of the pairings, a copy of the handicaps and 2 copies of the alphabetized list to bring with you on Thursday morning.


If you are going to be out one of the play days and have one of your hostesses fulfilling the lead hostess duties, please let Kim know as soon as possible so she will be communicating with the correct person.

Play Day Duties 

Arrive early!! All hostesses should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to our first tee time and the lead hostess should be there sooner, about 45 minutes prior.  The lead hostess should consult with the golf pro about any conditions that may affect play that day and what actions should be taken to deal with them.


Put out the sign-in sheet, the course handicap sheet, the pairing sheet, the Game-of-the-Day sign, the boxes for collecting Chip-Ins and Closest-to-the-Pin money and the explanation of the day’s game on the table.  All the forms needed for play day will be stored in locker #9 in the top drawer in a folder with the month on the outside.

Assign one hostess the duty of meeting the ladies in the parking lot and directing them to the correct cart using the alphabetized list you printed.  They may also want to take one copy of the pairings should someone ask who else is in their foursome. There is a clipboard in the locker that they may use to hold their papers.


Tape one copy of the pairings on the door/window of the clubhouse.


Be sure the first group that will reach a designated hole takes the Closest-to-the-Pin markers with them.  Designate one hole on the front nine (#3 or #6) and one on the back (#11 or #15) and write them on the markers; holes should rotate each week.  Remind the last group to reach a designated hole to bring the marker in so the award can be made.


Make sure to lock the money up in the locker prior to going out to play.

Determine Play Day Winners 

Set out the Birdie Book.


Review the players’ scorecards for completeness and accuracy as they are submitted. Provide assistance as needed in calculating game of the day and adjusted gross scores. Verify that the scores on the play day sheet match the scores on the scorecard.  Please note that this year, for regular play days, we are requiring the ladies to pick up once they reach Double Par.  We are hoping this will speed up play given the membership numbers we currently have.  Tournament committee members are available to assist at any time.


Using the play day sheet, award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place or 1st for team events as specified by the Tournament Committee on the monthly winner sheet (goldenrod) in the folder.  Please confirm that they are eligible to win that day (have posted 90% of their scores – you will receive a list of those NOT eligible from Kim on Wednesday with the pairing information).  


Award prizes for Chip-ins. All the money collected is divided evenly among the winners for each Chip-In. Example: A player who gets three (3) chip-ins will get three (3) prizes. If there are no chip-ins to award, all the money goes into the HHLGA treasury.  If the treasurer is not present, put the money in an envelope marked with the date, amount, chip-ins and put in the Chip-in collection box.


Award prizes for Closest to the Pin. One half of the money collected will be split between the winners and the remaining half will go to the HHLGA treasury. If the Treasurer is not present, put the money in an envelope marked with the date and amount and put in the locker in the Closest to the Pin Collection Box. If either or both holes do not have a winner, the money designated for that hole(s) should be given to the treasury.

Final Touches 

Complete Play Day winner sheet and post on the bulletin board in the locker room. Place the sign-in sheets and the completed goldenrod monthly winner sheet in the play day folder and place in the top drawer of the locker #9. The membership chair will gather this information. Put collected scorecards in the gray box in the locker room or give to Kim Mathers if she is there to collect.


Please take a photo of the Sign-in Sheets (they can overlap, just make sure the “Name” and “Here” columns show for all pages).  Please send via text or email to Vicky Shofner (vrshofner1@gmail.com, (615) 330-5562), Kim Mathers (kimathers08@gmail.com, (714) 318-4111) and Karin Rader (clancysue@comcast.net, (615) 419-8769).


Send a photo of the Play Day Winner sheet to harpethhillsladiesgolf@gmail.com so we can recognize them on the website. Also, send an email to the league (plwhite1031@gmail.com) with the winners.  It is your call on whether to include scores in the email.