Memorial Tournament

2023 Memorial Tournament Champ

Kim Mathers - Member since 2019

This tournament is played each year to honor the memory of these Harpeth Hills women who have passed and to acknowledge their contributions to building our league.

Our Golfing Lady on Hole #6

Have you ever noticed the stone golfing lady over to your left when you are teeing off on #6??  She is a reminder of all the wonderful women that have played at Harpeth Hills and are no longer with us.  We asked Judy Duncan, one of our lifetime members, to give us a brief summary of her history.  What follows is Judy's best recollection of the story (with added facts provided by Elaine Baxter).

A suggestion* of some type of memorial to the women’s league was brought up at a board meeting when I was president 2008 -2009. We coordinated the placement with Kevin Forte and Troy Henderson. At first we thought we would put it on  # 15, but decided the trees might eventually fall and harm it so we chose # 6. We thought the setting was peaceful and lovely.  A bench was suggested and upon further searching I located the concrete lady golfer. My husband and I, with approval,  constructed the bed with a border, plastic under the mulch to prevent grass (which we removed) from penetrating the design.  The original lady was cemented on a 24” x 24 “ concrete stepping stone. I obtained the bench and had the memorial plaque made. After about 2 years someone stole the lady golfer. Elaine Baxter called the sports editor at the Tennessean, who was furious that someone would take that statue, so he wrote an article and asked that it be returned.  Although she was never returned, the company had another lady and Juanita Shaver was able to procure her for the league.  This time, with Troy’s help, we imbedded her in about 125 lbs concrete, where she remains today. I would clean and seal her twice a year with a concrete sealer to preserve her. Carol Glasgow put out some blooming plants to enhance the garden and on Memorial Day would bring fresh flowers to adorn the statue. Every time I went by I would pull weeds. The maintenance crew does a nice job of mowing around it. Troy planted a nice knock out rose another time. Hopefully it will be a  lasting memorial.

*Judy believes Gail Smothers Smith made the suggestion, but is not sure.