Davis Cup

2022 Champions

Front Row, L-R: Terri Newport, Janet Carmichael, Peggy White, Patti McCarver, Kay Wright, Vickie Stanfill, Andie Beatty

Back Row, L-R: Martha Hueneke, Rachel Ellis, Lezlie Murray, Angela West, Vicky Shofner, Karin Rader, Teresa Baese

A total of 14 women per team will play in a 2-day Ryder Cup Format tournament. The venue rotates between Harpeth Hills and McCabe Golf Courses. It will be hosted by HHLGA in 2023 on October 18-19.

Previous Winners

2019 Town and Country

2020 Harpeth Hills

2021 Harpeth Hills

Tournament Rules

  • HHLGA and the McCabe Town & Country League compete against each other in a 2 day Ryder Cup format event.

  • The tournament will alternate between the 2 courses annually.

  • The first day of play will consist of 9 holes of alternate shot (foursomes) and 9 holes of best ball (fourball)

  • The second day will be singles matches.

  • Anyone who has posted at least 5 rounds on play days will be eligible to compete; however, teams will be limited to 14 players + 2 alternates (each team to have the same number of participants). If more than 16 people want to play, actual members will be determined via a point system (see below).

  • HHLGA winners of the Handicap Tournament, the Memorial Tournament, Shaver-Walls and the previous year's Club Championship are automatically eligible to participate.

  • If a player is a participant in both leagues, she can choose which team she would like to represent.

  • Each team member must be available to play in both days of the event. In the event of an emergency on the day of play, the alternates will be used.

Davis Cup Point System


  • Prior Year's Club Champion

  • Prior Year's Shaver-Walls Match Play Champion

  • Current Year Handicap Tournament Champion

  • Current Year Memorial Tournament Champion*


  • Participation in Shaver-Walls 1.0

  • Each Shaver-Walls Match Won 2.0

  • Memorial Tournament 2nd Place 2.0

  • Memorial Tournament 3rd Place 1.5

  • Memorial Tournament 4th Place 1.0

  • Handicap Tournament 2nd Place 2.5

  • Handicap Tournament 3rd Place 2.0

  • Handicap Tournament 4th Place 1.5

  • 2021 Club Championship 2nd Place 2.0

  • 2021 Club Championship 3rd Place 1.5

  • League President 10.0

  • League Vice President 5.0

  • League Secretary 5.0

  • League Treasurer 5.0

  • Tournament Committee Chair 5.0

  • All Other Standing Committee Chairs 2.5

  • Special Committee Chairs 2.0

  • Lead Hostess 2.0

  • Hostess 1.0

  • Play Day Participation 0.5

*Have to play at least 5 league play days to be eligible to participate