Davis Cup

2021 Davis Cup - Oct. 20-21

Teresa Baese Martha Hueneke

Donna Banks Patti McCarver

Andie Beatty Karin Rader

Janet Carmichael Vicky Shofner

Jane Cohea (alternate) Vickie Stanfill

Diane Dalius Angela West

Penny Gauder Peggy White

Jeanette Higbe (alternate) Kay Wright

Team Harpeth brought home the Hardware!!

It was a great 2 days of fun and competition but in the end Harpeth ended up on top.

Our Winning Team

Final Score:

Harpeth Hills: 11

Town & Country: 10

Final Scoreboard

What a nail biter!

Tournament Rules

  • HHLGA and the McCabe Town & Country League compete against each other in a 2 day Ryder Cup format event.

  • The tournament will alternate between the 2 courses annually.

  • The first day of play will consist of 9 holes of alternate shot (foursomes) and 9 holes of best ball (fourball)

  • The second day will be singles matches.

  • Anyone who has posted at least 5 rounds on play days will be eligible to compete; however, teams will be limited to 14 players + 2 alternates (each team to have the same number of participants).

  • HHLGA winners of the Handicap Tournament, the Memorial Tournament, and the previous year's Club Championship are automatically eligible to participate.

  • If a player is a participant in both leagues, she can choose which team she would like to represent.

  • Each team member must be available to play in both days of the event. In the event of an emergency on the day of play, the alternates will be used.

Previous Winners

2019 Town and Country

2020 Harpeth Hills