Shaver Walls Tournament

2022 Shaver-Walls Champion

Janet Carmichael - Member Since 2012

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Tournament Rules

  • There is a $10 entry fee for this tournament.

  • Those interested can sign up in through April 7th. The pairings will be determined by random draw.

  • Everyone is encouraged to play regardless of your handicap, but if you have over a 36 handicap you will be playing to a 36.

  • Matches will start in late April or early May depending on the number of participants.

  • You should opt out of playing the “Game of the Day” and play your match on a regular Thursday or schedule at another time with the opponent. Let the hostesses know on the sign-up sheet that you are playing a match.

  • You must have a current GHIN Handicap to participate in the Match Play.

  • Pairings will be made by a blind draw. Once the pairings are made, the player with the lowest handicap will have her handicap subtracted from the other player. The resulting number will be assigned to the player with the higher handicap and will stroke her card (or stroked for her by the Tournament Chair) on the most difficult holes. Example: Player A has a handicap of 18 and Player B has a handicap of 30. Player B will receive 12 strokes, one on holes with difficulty of 1-12.

  • The player winning a hole always tees off first.

  • The winner of a match is determined by the number of holes won by a player.

  • The Player in match play who is away from the hole always plays first. Playing out of turn may result in player having to replay the shot (unles permission was given to play out of turn by her opponent).

  • A putt may be conceded at ANY time if the opponent so desires.

  • The match is over when the number of holes left to be played are less than the number of holes by which a player has won. Example: Player A is leading by three (3) holes and there are only two (2) holes left to be played. Player A has won the match.