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2019 Golf Rules Cheat Sheet

Section A: General Rules

  1. All association events must be played with an accredited member of HHLGA.

  1. Play days are on Thursdays, April through October. Tee times are shotgun starts at 8:00 a.m. in April, September, and October and at 7:30 a.m. May through August. This is subject to change. Please arrive at the course 30 minutes before the shotgun start.

  1. The Tournament Committee will make the decision to cancel play due to inclement weather. In the case of cancellation, you will receive an email by 6:00 am. If play is cancelled and you have signed up to play you will receive credit.

  1. To be eligible for daily prizes, each member must sign the play day sheet before teeing off and check the appropriate boxes. Guests are not eligible to win play day prizes.

  1. Only one player should be recorded on each scorecard for individual competitions (non-team events). For each scorecard to be complete and the member eligible for prizes, each card should have your current handicap, be totaled, dated, signed, attested and have “event of the day” figured. It is the members responsibility to post her adjusted score to the GHIN and record all birdies, eagles, holes in one, and chip-ins on the play day sheet.

  1. There must be a minimum of 8 players to establish an official weekly tournament.

  1. To establish an initial handicap index, members must submit scores from a minimum of 54 holes (can be a mixture of 9 and 18-hole scores) and pay GHIN fees.

  1. Adjust scores before posting for GHIN Handicap only, using the USGA System of Adjusted Gross Score.

USGA System of Adusted Gross Score

A score for handicap purposes should not be overly influenced by one or two bad holes that are not reflective of a player’s demonstrated ability. Therefore, when posting your score the maximum score to post on any hole is net double bogey, calculated as follows:

If a player does not currently have a handicap index, the maximum score on a hole is “par + 5.

Section B: Local Rules

  1. All play is governed by USGA Rules of Golf. Members should familiarize themselves with the rules and observe them so everyone plays the same game. Each player must “hole out” each hole except in match play. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

  1. The handicap of 54 can be used on play days, but major tournaments and match play competition will use a maximum handicap of 36.

  1. In order to qualify for the Club Championship, members must have played seven (7) times and posted at least 80% of their scores. New members joining after June 1 of the current year must have a USGA Index Handicap and have played four (4) times and posted 80% of their scores. To qualify for the Handicap Tournament, players must have played five (5) times and posted 80% of her scores. The Tournament Committee can waive the number of play day requirements for extenuating circumstances such as surgery, serious problems, etc.

  1. To ensure a fair playing field, the board will conduct random checks in GHIN on some of the play day winners for assurance that scores are being posted.

  1. Guests invited to play in a handicapped Club event, (e.g. Member/Guest) must show proof of current USGA Index Handicap or submit at least five current attested score cards to the Tournament Hostess so a handicap may be calculated. Failure to do so will result in the member and her guest being ineligible for prizes.

  1. The rescheduling of any special event postponed by inclement weather will be determined by the tournament committee. When adverse course conditions exist, the Tournament Committee will post a notice before play explaining what action may be taken to deal with the adverse conditions.

  1. During tournament play, default by a member will eliminate her from further play in that tournament.

  1. All players involved in a tie in a regular play day event shall be awarded equal prizes. In the event of a tie in a major event, the tie will be broken according to the procedure recommended by the USGA in the Rule Book.

  1. All (and only) strokes on the putting surface shall be counted or recorded as putts for our play day putting contests.

  1. Distance Measuring Devices: A player may use devices to measure distance only. If a device provides other information (e.g. wind speed, gradient or temperature), that information MUST be turned off. If it’s not possible to turn those features off, the device is not allowed and the penalty is disqualification if the device is used. Please see Rule 4.3 for more information.

Match Play Rules

Pairings will be made by a blind draw. Once the pairings are made, the player with the lowest handicap will have her handicap subtracted from the other player. The resulting number will be assigned to the player with the higher handicap and will stroke her card (or be stroked by the Tournament Chair) on the most difficult holes. Example: Player A has a handicap of 18 and Player B has a handicap of 30. Player B will receive 12 strokes on holes with difficulty of 1-12.

  • The player winning a hole always tees off first.

  • The winner of a match is determined by the number of holes won by a player.

  • The player in match play who is away from the hole always plays first. Playing out of turn may result in player having to replay the shot (unless permission was given to play out of turn by her opponent).

  • A putt may be conceded if the opponent so desires.

  • The match is over when the number of holes left to be played are less than the number of holes by which a player has won. Example: Player A is leading by three (3) holes and there are only two (2) holes left to be played.

Let the hostesses know on the sign up sheet you are playing a match.

Questions about the Rules of Golf

If you have questions about the rules, you can ask our Rules Chair or the Course Pro, Kevin Forte. In addition, you can always check out the rule at the USGA Rules Site.