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2019 Golf Rules Cheat Sheet

Section A: General Rules

USGA System of Adjusted Gross Score

A score for handicap purposes should not be overly influenced by one or two bad holes that are not reflective of a player’s demonstrated ability. Therefore, when posting your score the maximum score to post on any hole is net double bogey, calculated as follows: 

If a player does not currently have a handicap index, the maximum score on a hole is “par + 5. 

Section B:  Local Rules


Match Play Rules

Pairings will be made by a blind draw.  Once the pairings are made, the player with the lowest handicap will have her handicap subtracted from the other player.  The resulting number will be assigned to the player with the higher handicap and will stroke her card (or be stroked by the Tournament Chair) on the most difficult holes.  Example:  Player A has a handicap of 18 and Player B has a handicap of 30.  Player B will receive 12 strokes on holes with difficulty of 1-12.

Let the hostesses know on the sign up sheet you are playing a match.

Questions about the Rules of Golf

If you have questions about the rules, you can ask our Rules Chair or the Course Pro, Kevin Forte.  In addition, you can always check out the rule at the USGA Rules Site.